One platform – with the power of six

The CDP (Customer data platform) is the heart of Voyado. It’s where the customer data is collected and stored. Create segmented lists based on emails opened, transactions that have been made, earned bonuses, and much, much more.

Based on data and results, you’ll get tailored insights reports. They’re already in the system when you set it up – ready to be filled with data and give you the insights you need to find lucrative business opportunities.

It’s all about being relevant. Set up emails that will be sent automatically to your customers based on what kind of action they’re taking. Build the emails with super easy drag and drop functions and A/B test for ultimate results.

Based on all of our AI-powered features, you’ll get prediction scores showing, for example, favorite brands, how long a customer stays loyal, and a prediction of a specific customer lifetime value – all for you to stay proactive and predict your customer’s next move.

Save valuable time by setting up just one single email – that will appear differently in your customer’s inbox. You can choose to show certain parts of the email to females over the age of 30. Just to mention one segmentation.

Think about what’s important for your business to reach customer loyalty. Do you want to hand out rewards, checks, levels of membership, or create gamification campaigns? Yep, you’ve got the options to work with these in Voyado.