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CRM – The Need for Speed

Do you recognize the following?


After a long wait, you finally have the reports and dashboards with the results of the marketing activities of the past week. There is a sales report, an email performance dashboard and you take another look at your Google Analytics. After long consultation with your colleagues, it becomes clear that you want to set up a campaign. Still more data is needed. The long road to gather that starts again..

2 days pass by

The campaign strategy is there and the target group is more or less determined. There is a way to get that segment out of your database, but it will take a while. Your team has to fish it out of the system and the fastest way to get it to the email tool is Excel. Let’s go!

Another day goes by

In the meantime, you have received campaign material from the agency. The email template looks nice, but it must first be in the email tool. And you still don’t have your data segment. You know in silence that the email is very heavy and that it does not look optimal on a mobile. But there is no time or budget to do anything about it. That goes on the roadmap and the consultants will have to look at it again later.

2 days later…
The email is in the tool and the test emails can be sent. A few hours later you have approval. The send button can be pressed. Unfortunately, it is now Friday again and you know that this is not the ideal day to send your email, but waiting to send it is out of the question.

So you keep going and hit send. Email is out. It will take a few more days before you have a complete overview of your campaign reports. More than a week has passed between insights and sending. Your customers have now received all kinds of suitable and personal offers from the competitor.

You start thinking about a counter campaign …

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The Need for Speed

A lot is possible today, but the feedback we get from CRM marketers is that it all takes so long. Gathering insights, basing your campaign strategy on that, devising campaigns and promotions and finally sending everything out, you can easily do this in 10 days.

Can’t it all be a bit faster? There is a need for speed! Our customer does not wait and neither does the competition!

The answer to that is yes. There is a new generation of software that can operate at lightning speed. And there are best practices in data management that can quickly give you the speed and agility that meets today’s customer expectations.

Step 1: Choose a platform built from the ground up for CRM marketers. This new generation of software is available and is often very competitively priced. Moreover, you can quickly say goodbye to a whole horde of consultants, agencies and service providers. As far as we are concerned, now is the ideal time to discard the knotted set of solutions or the complex platforms created by acquisitions.

Step 2: Get data ready. It sounds simple and it can be if you let an expert analyze your data sources thoroughly. If all data sources are well prepared, you can link them to such a next generation CRM platform.

At DDretail we chose Voyado. It comes from Sweden and was developed with the marketer in mind. We didn’t make that up, that’s feedback from Voyado users. Voyado’s vision is: Making Brands Easy to Love.

Strategy in the morning, campaign in the afternoon, analyze results the next day


At DDretail we call Voyado the Tesla of CRMs. A Tesla looks like a car, but the user experience and the entire ecosystem around it make it a totally unique car. The same applies to Voyado. It still looks like a CRM system but with a user interface that is super user-friendly and logical. Voyado has a built-in CDP, loyalty tool, marketing automation, AI and insights. With this you can finally do in 1 day what previously took 10 days.

We’re not going to convince you of that in a post. The best way is to experience how smoothly and surprisingly Voyado works in a demo. Or to talk to Voyado users. Contact us today and we will arrange it for you.

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